It’s Not a Final Goodbye

My Henry photobombed Kimberly and I as were were online for our 6 o-clock live three weeks ago!

As I was lying in bed early Friday morning, June 12, I prayed my usual prayer that Jesus would give me strength for the day and allow me to be the conduit of His grace and mercy throughout the day ahead. No one could have prepared me for the next four days, and yet I moved through this emotion-wrenching time as though I had been preparing my entire life.

You can never be prepared to see the dearest person in your life begin their journey to their forever home, and yet, you can look outside your emotional state and realize you are much stronger than you ever imagined. In my knower, I know that the death of my dad on April 24, 1997 began preparing me to lose my soulmate of fifty two years, three months, and six days. I had feared the death of my loved ones since I was a little girl of seven who watched the funeral home staff carry my baby brother of two into my home in his little casket and leave him there for two days as we prepared for his funeral. A spirit of fear gripped my heart and spirit and held on for dear life until I was present in my dad’s hospital room with my hubby as my dad allowed his spirit to leave that carnal surroundings, walk through the spiritual door and begin his new life without sickness and pain.

I knew then that I too would allow those that I love the dearest to begin their journey whenever their time was up. You see, I so believe that, when we are in our mother’s womb, God orders our steps through life. One day I was praying and asked the Lord to guide me through that day. I immediately saw myself walking through a beautiful garden. There were stones laid out on a path; however, I was walking everywhere but on that stone path. Jesus spoke to me to pay attention to where I was walking. He let me know that He had laid out that path for a purpose, for me to walk in that direction. I then became intentional about my daily life. I will not begin my day without asking His direction.

So, here I am today. On Thursday, before Henry had a massive seizure on Friday, the 12th, Kimberly, my daughter, and I were preparing him for bed. I was always telling him that I loved him and then I would kiss him but, on Thursday evening, Henry looked up at me and gave me a big kiss. No one could have known that was my last kiss from the love of my life. The next morning, I was assisting Nancy, Henry’s nurse, and Tamika, the CNA, to bathe and change Henry for the day. Nancy walked around the side of his hospital bed and immediately sprang into action. She could tell by his eyes that he was having a storm in his brain, a massive seizure. His eyes were dancing and jerking unlike anything I have ever seen. This episode began a regime of morphine and Ativan to keep him calm. We were then given a prognosis of maybe eight days. Our journey of watching and waiting had begun in our bedroom of the home that he loved so dearly.

When we started the Dementia journey five years ago, we knew, if possible, we would keep this strong man of faith at home. Even two weeks ago, as we would move him from bed to recliner and then back to the bed at night, he looked me in the eyes and said, “You love me, don’t you?” I knew that he eventually could forget who I was to him, but I wanted him to know that the lady that was caring for him really loved him. I wanted him to always feel secure in his distorted world of Dementia.

Watching my family, Rob, Melissa and Kimberly plus our grandsons, keep vigil for the next four days was seeing love in action. The nurses kept instructing us to leave the room so he could pass in peace. We knew the man, the myth and the legend, Henry Jones. He always wanted his family around him. We have the greatest memories on Disney cruises, Hawaii and Cancun vacations. In fact, Henry and I went on a cruise with our spiritual father, Bishop Bill Hamon, and the other Board of Governors for the Christian International Ministries just three years ago. I knew it could be challenging because I had to keep my eye on the man every minute. He could wander off and not know how to get back to me. Yet it was a week full of great memories and relationship building.

On Tuesday evening, the 16th, we had kept the vigil going so, about 9:50 pm, Rob and Melissa were going home to shower and rest. I received a phone call as they were leaving from Bishop Hamon encouraging me that I would be able to make it even if God determined it was time for Henry to go. He then began praying for a peaceful passage into Heaven for my love. Kimberly was spending the night because the family felt that he would be with us a little longer. Henry’s hospital bed was beside my side of the bed, so I leaned down to kiss him before I lay down when I realized that he was leaving us. We immediately sprang into action, calling the family back and then the nurse.

We will always be thankful that the Lord gave us this private time with the man who had been bigger than life. He always said he wanted to live and not just exist. He was able to walk this out until his last days. Our family began singing over him as he was being ushered into Heaven. We were thanking God for the opportunity to serve him and walk with him throughout this life. I’m sure our singing could never have matched the voices of angels as they were welcoming him home, but his leaving was exactly what he would have ordered. Praising and worshipping over his life and sending him off with all the love that we could show!

People now cannot understand how we are not walking in brokenness as emotions rule. I even told my kids on Wednesday that I was either in shock or peace. Of course, I knew it was the peace that Paul was writing about in Philippians 4:7 when he said, “May the peace that surpasses your understanding guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus our Lord.” Hear me today! There is a peace that you cannot understand that will keep you through the biggest challenges you could ever experience. You do not realize He will give you this kind of peace until you need it. Stand strong! God’s got you!

Published by Ann Jones

Ann and her husband, Henry, have been in ministry together for fifty-two years and have traveled the world for Jesus Christ. It's a new season for Ann and she invites everyone to travel with her.

29 thoughts on “It’s Not a Final Goodbye

  1. This ❤️❤️❤️
    So thankful for the Peace of God.
    God is using you to encourage others who are on this journey. My father has dementia – he is 89 and at home with my mother who is 84. They have served in ministry their entire lives.


  2. Precious Ann, as I said in a comment on one of your posts; I am so grateful for Henry’s life. He was one of the true apostles that spoke spot on in my life in the mid 90’s. I had come to Atlanta to speak all week long. God brought so much healing into my heart as Henry prophesied over me. I was in awe of God. There’s not been too many that have prophesied over me. You even had a little bit to speak over my life as well. He was a humble, but strong man of God. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! I love y’all! Diane Nutt


  3. Dear Ann,
    Your words have touched my heart. Seeing you and Pastor Kim for communion on FB day after day both of you have helped me seek Jesus like never before. Chains are off me , I too have experienced the Supernatural peace Paul wrote about during family problems. Jesus loves you so, so much.


  4. What a testimony beautiful Journey that you shared with the love of life, over 50 years of doing God’s work with love together and children, I would say you were side-by-side until he went home. God Bless You


  5. My father passed away four years ago this past May. Reading this today has helped deepen my peace knowing my father, best friend is walking his finally purpose in heaven. Thank you for your words of hope and peace ❤


  6. Ann, what a wonderful tribute to the man you love and a mighty man of God! Y’all have blessed us more than you
    will ever know. God bless you and the family greatly! We love the Jones! Glo and Bob Hellmann


  7. Beautifully written. We were gifted to be able to stay with daddy during his journey Home!! It’s a blessing I will always be thankful for!!! Thanks for sharing Bro. Jones’ homegoing celebration online for those who were unable to attend. What a sweet send off!!! You will always be a treasured friend!!!


  8. Beautiful Ann! Such a beautiful and amazing legacy Henry left behind. He was just a wonderful guy all around! Bill sure did love Henry. Y’all have been so special to ya. Guess they have caught a glimpse of each other “up there” by now. Love you and the family and will keep you in my prayers.


  9. Dear Ann,

    This is such a beautiful way to see Mr.Henry off. You and your family are wonderful examples. Prayers for your family. To God be the Glory!


  10. Your daughters ministry has touched me in Jan on YouTube I didn’t see who she was just this our booming voice came thru u speakers it was a clip on soul ties when I saw her I said wow love her look . That night I put her in a loop when I told my friend who I have been praying with she said yeah that’s my girl so while looking for our nightly sermon from Sarah jakes I clicked on her again. Well we started a fast feb 25 2020 was supposed to be two weeks to start breaking soul ties and first morning I googled scripture and video on breaking soul first was mike Todd relationship goals then your daughter and she has been a recommendation last few months two weeks turned to fourth days and the mind renewal well we are 100 rtk around here and I share daily the word while I’m working out and I want to thank u for allowing us to still receive a word after saying goodbye u ladies still had so much more to give . I’m excited for all our new next chapters pastors thank u for allowing god to use u even in pain to continue your purpose and helping others get their healing to get to theirs I’m chef Javon threat of buffalo ny A CUT ABOVE THE REST CATERING can’t wait to cook for your family soon


  11. Thank you for being such an example of courage and strength. I pray your next chapter will be even greater than your former. I love seeing such a powerful woman of God show strength and grace at the same time. Keep shining woman of FAITH. I love you and your family.


  12. Thank you for this post! I’m crying while I write this because my father pass one year and two months ago, his birthday is today, and I needed encouragement. Reading how you all were around your loved one put me back in the room the day my dad passed. I didn’t sing, but I prayed a whole lot. I miss him, but my heart knows he with the Lord. So, there is peace! Again, thank you for sharing.


  13. I pray that I can be around you all and be guided with the Lord of God and guidance I seek and pray for , I love you all !!Gods peace be with each one of you!! I love you Pastor Kim and listening to you and your Mamma already touched me !!


  14. It is a hard road. I honestly think that with this, God gives us time to process the loss. You lose them little pieces at a time. When I comes time… you have more peace with knowing that you had all that extra time. It is heartbreaking but yet heartfelt at the same time. Thank you for sharing. I haven’t read all the blogs… but I will begin tonight.


  15. This was so beautiful, I’m crying. You write so beautifully Mimi, and your strength gives me strength. I’m hugging you so big right now. Thank you for sharing.


  16. Praying for you! You just encouraged the fear out of me! Thanks so much for sharing your heart in this post! You’re an incredible writer!


  17. When you loose someone and have no regrets the sorrow of the loss is different…it is a peaceful loss. The pain is different and you feel your heavenly Father’s comfort in a wonderful way. You have stayed on the path God has set before you, you have loved well and His reward is with you all the way!


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