One Day at a Time

Dr. E. Ann Jones

While sitting on a plane in Birmingham, Al, after being diverted from Atlanta on a Saturday evening because of tornado warnings, I am wondering why I am so at peace with where God has me today.

My daughter, Kimberly, ministered at a women’s event in Chicago, Il, today, and I am privileged to travel with her. That means being upgraded to first class because she is a double diamond with Delta, so many sky miles, and all the perks!

Now listen, I have lived a life working very hard, with my sweet hubby, starting new churches and then constructing new buildings! Here I am traveling somewhere weekly and enjoying the amenities of comfort afforded because I’m with the right company.

Understand me! I am traveling first class because of the company that I keep! I know that I have favor with the Lord Jesus because I have been so at peace through my different seasons!

Did I say that I have begun a trading business? I am learning how to trade foreign currency and don’t understand why people are amazed. I may be 73 years of age but think as though I am 60, no 50. I have been telling my family the last several years that I want to learn how to trade. How awesome is it that my daughter knew someone who had made millions in the trading business and could give me the insight into learning the trade?

I know that I received a word from the Lord today that I would be blessed in my new trading business because I was faithful in my last season! The Bible tells us that, if you are faithful in a little, He will reward you with much! Isn’t that awesome! You see, my last season was faithfully serving my sweet hubby the last five years during his battle with dementia!

I remember when I had the conversation with God about our present, at that time. Our present was a diagnosis that would totally transform our lives, at it was. We were as busy as possible in our late sixties as we pastored a church and travelled to Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, at least once annually. So, now I am hearing from the neurologist that my vivacious hunk of a man could not be driving any longer nor go anywhere alone. This man was my go-to point of contact as I kept our life balanced. “Henry, run to Publix. We need milk. Henry, would you please run to the post office for me?” How in the world could I juggle our lives without Henry being my point of contact? And yet, our lives just kept moving from season to season. Of course, if you have been accompanying me on my journey, you know that Henry eventually passed in June from complications of dementia.

So, by experience, I have learned to just do what you do and know that God will deliberately give you more than you ever deserve! How awesome is that?

Truthfully, the first task of my morning is to read my Bible and then pray that Jesus will direct my steps for the day! Are you understanding why I am so excited to be living each day even though my best friend and hubby of fifty-two years just passed four months ago?

I knew that God would give me peace when I need it, and now, I walk in a place of new beginnings waiting for each day to begin. In fact, Kimberly and I have been awake since 4:30 am because she was on a Zoom call to a women’s conference in South Africa! Are you understanding that, when you walk in a season of new beginnings, you learn to excitedly welcome each day and know that there is a higher power, God, who is directing your steps!

If you are facing challenges that you cannot understand, please know that there is life after – Covid, death, sickness, job loss, even divorce!

Do I miss my Henry? Of course! And I thank Jesus daily for the strength to have cared for him until he took his last breath, but today, I am so thankful to be living and arising daily to live my best life!

Published by Ann Jones

Ann and her husband, Henry, have been in ministry together for fifty-two years and have traveled the world for Jesus Christ. It's a new season for Ann and she invites everyone to travel with her.

12 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. This was absolutely amazing. Your so beautiful Mimi inside and out. I love IPO
    You.❤️❤️🥰🥰. You deserve the best because of what you did. This helps me more than you’ll ever know. Can’t wait to meet you Mimi❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰


  2. No one deserves it more than you (maybe me)! So proud of you and Kim. Now we need to invest in our preacher sons!!!!
    Love you girl❤️


  3. Omg Mimi this so good thank you for your inspiration and wisdom and sharing you life with us you deserve all God has for you I didnt get to meet your amazing hubby Dr. Henry Jones but his legacy will live though you and the entire family love you so much keeping living your best life💜


  4. Beautiful. I pray one day to have your strength. I am struggling daily with my son, 24 years, having been at MD Anderson for months post stem cell, juggling being there, home with my other boys in Louisiana, being a nurse and Covid. One day at a time is still a struggle…


      1. Praying… we found out my sons cancer has returned for the 3rd time. He doesn’t have many treatment options but we are praying


  5. Thank you for this message. Just thank you and praise God. This came to me in a very dark time in my life and gives me strength to fight another day.


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