Get Up and Move

How many times, as a child, did you fall down, scrape your knee, and run into your house screaming with pain for Mommy to make it all better?  Mommy would scoop you up in her arms, take a look at the wound, wash it off, give it a kiss, put you down and watch you getContinue reading “Get Up and Move”

Dignifying Dementia

After my husband’s passing with dementia, it’s as though people assume I have just realized what I’ve lost. I knew what I was losing the entire journey!

Because I Can

It’s been fifteen days since the love of my life went to his forever home with complications from Dementia. Today, I went to the cemetery to choose the headstone and take a look at the gravesite. As I sat there talking with the young lady who assisted me in doing what I never planned toContinue reading “Because I Can”

Hello Tomorrow

It was a typical Friday morning for Henry and me as we were on our way to the church office.  Since Mom and Dad had moved in with us nine years before, we could always check on them as we left our house.  We had purchased a house with a mini apartment on one end, and weContinue reading “Hello Tomorrow”

It’s Called Life

Every day, my daughter, Kimberly or Real Talk Kim as the world knows her, and I go online at 6 pm and talk to thousands of men and women about the solutions to the challenges of life.  Of course, we talk from our own pain and misjudgments, misfortunes and even failures while letting thousands into ourContinue reading “It’s Called Life”

The Next Season

I began wondering today what people would say about me when I’m gone. She adored her husband, she was an amazing Mimi to five grandsons, when her son and daughter called, she always answered. We always loved her as our pastor. She was my trustworthy friend. This is wishful thinking on my part as IContinue reading “The Next Season”

Why Friday?

Why in the world were Henry, Rob and I all home on a Friday afternoon? We were a busy family, and normally, my husband was out and about doing what he loved the most – visiting hospitals, inviting people to church and having Bible studies with new families. In fact, my children always said thatContinue reading “Why Friday?”


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