There Are Always Firsts….

As I arise this Thanksgiving morning, I immediately head to the kitchen to retrieve my breakfast smoothie after my morning devotions. I began thinking about those who, along with my family, will celebrate or tolerate Thanksgiving Day without that loved one who has passed on since the last holiday. Because my husband and I wereContinue reading “There Are Always Firsts….”

Because I Can

It’s been fifteen days since the love of my life went to his forever home with complications from Dementia. Today, I went to the cemetery to choose the headstone and take a look at the gravesite. As I sat there talking with the young lady who assisted me in doing what I never planned toContinue reading “Because I Can”

Hello Tomorrow

It was a typical Friday morning for Henry and me as we were on our way to the church office.  Since Mom and Dad had moved in with us nine years before, we could always check on them as we left our house.  We had purchased a house with a mini apartment on one end, and weContinue reading “Hello Tomorrow”

How Do I Deal?

My memory is still as vivid today as it was when I was seven years of age. The feelings of aloneness were smothering me as I lay in the bed while wondering what would tomorrow bring. You see, my baby brother, two years old, had just passed away with meningitis and my mom was beingContinue reading “How Do I Deal?”