There Are Always Firsts….

As I arise this Thanksgiving morning, I immediately head to the kitchen to retrieve my breakfast smoothie after my morning devotions. I began thinking about those who, along with my family, will celebrate or tolerate Thanksgiving Day without that loved one who has passed on since the last holiday. Because my husband and I wereContinue reading “There Are Always Firsts….”

One Day at a Time

While sitting on a plane in Birmingham, Al, after being diverted from Atlanta on a Saturday evening because of tornado warnings, I am wondering why I am so at peace with where God has me today. My daughter, Kimberly, ministered at a women’s event in Chicago, Il, today, and I am privileged to travel withContinue reading “One Day at a Time”

Easy Decisions are Hard to Make

Even though you do nothing to deserve dementia, you still feel as though you could have done things differently.  You begin questioning the way you ate, exercised, even lived that could have made a difference.  You then must determine the simple actions that will make life easier for your loved one.   It’s been 7.429 weeksContinue reading “Easy Decisions are Hard to Make”

Because I Can

It’s been fifteen days since the love of my life went to his forever home with complications from Dementia. Today, I went to the cemetery to choose the headstone and take a look at the gravesite. As I sat there talking with the young lady who assisted me in doing what I never planned toContinue reading “Because I Can”

The Next Season

I began wondering today what people would say about me when I’m gone. She adored her husband, she was an amazing Mimi to five grandsons, when her son and daughter called, she always answered. We always loved her as our pastor. She was my trustworthy friend. This is wishful thinking on my part as IContinue reading “The Next Season”

It’s Monday Again ….

As soon as I open my eyes, roll over and check that my hubby, Henry, is sleeping well, I begin going over my game plan for the day. For the last eight months, we have had hospice nurses and CNAs coming in to assist in the bathing process and checking vitals. This sounds like suchContinue reading “It’s Monday Again ….”

How Do I Deal?

My memory is still as vivid today as it was when I was seven years of age. The feelings of aloneness were smothering me as I lay in the bed while wondering what would tomorrow bring. You see, my baby brother, two years old, had just passed away with meningitis and my mom was beingContinue reading “How Do I Deal?”